Madhuraa Trust offers online and interactive training and education packages for leaders, staff and volunteers that addresses the core components needed to run effective organizations. We sought to apply the wisdom of traditional knowledge to contemporary problems through knowledge-sharing between skilled, highly educated professionals (engineers, managers, economists, doctors, social workers) and the poorest of the poor in rural India.

Along with creating a global movement, the more concrete aspects of the education model include: programs to support girls both financially and emotionally, both in school and after graduation; building new schools and providing training or supplementary materials to teachers; establishing and stocking libraries; and publishing books in the local language.

Other efforts seek to teach English as well as vocational and technological skills like IT, business numeracy, and promote literacy for women.

The Trust has its own community radio station for mass education. Apart from this the education and training methodology includes drama, song and creative arts to train girls to identify and understand the problems that affect them, articulate these problems and take action to solve them.