We are group of social development professionals, engaged in women and youth empowerment, through education, training, technology and networking. We work in tandem with higher educational & training institutes like IITs, IIMs and TISS; research organizations, laboratories and corporates to transform ideas and concepts into practical solutions at grass root level.
Our Vision :
“A world where every human being leads a fulfilling life of self-reliance
and dignity.”
Our Mission :
To empower women and youths by pioneering sustainable, grassroots, women and youth centered strategies and advocating for their widespread adoption.
Our programs are based on an innovative, holistic approach, which empower people to become the agents of their own development.
Our Values:
               »             At MADHURAA TRUST we are committed firstly to excellence, setting the
                              highest benchmarks for ourselves and our partners to ensure the best available
                              practices and services for our communities.
               »             We believe in the highest standards of integrity, transparency, good governance
                              and accountability at every instance in our dealing within ourselves, with our
                              partners and our communities.
               »             We are a people first organization strongly believing in team work and believing in
                              creating growth through socially and environmentally conscious behavior.
               »             We believe that with passion, commitment and planning solutions are possible.
               »             This “can do” attitude is the legacy we want to leave behind in the society.
Our Objectives:
               »             To promote educational, cultural, economical  and social development of women.
               »             To establish, conduct and manage, various facilities for social entrepreneurship
                              and self employment for women.
               »             To establish and manage funds for Scholarships to needy students,
                              prizes/awards to meritorious students to ensure establishment of higher sense of
                              competitiveness amongst the students.
               »             To conduct meetings, conferences, studies, surveys, etc., in connection with
                              mass education in general.
               »             To arrange health camps for health check up of women from rural and urban areas
               »             To educate the community about being a socially responsible citizen and impart
                              the knowledge of various resources and government schemes.
               »             To felicitate and reward women for their contribution towards socio-economic
                              development and humanitarian work.
               »             To create awareness and find remedies by arranging discussion sessions and
                              seminars of experts and implement that remedy plans to eradicate problems like
                              female foeticide, dowry, property rights, sexual harrassement and
                              domestic violence.